Dr. Felding is recommended by the Embassy of the United States
She has also been chosen by the International SOS/Tricare as their preferred health provider in Denmark
(members only)
The Seven Corners Connection She is also attached to the Seven Corners International Providers Network
Her clinic is also the preferred health provider by van Breda International
Dr. Felding has been chosen by HTH Worldwide as their preferred health provider in Denmark.

New Danish health legislation requires that, in future, all specialists and private hospitals treating private patients, patients with private health insurance, or patients who have no Danish Personal Registration Number and are therefore not covered by national health insurance, shall purchase supplementary liability insurance.

Unfortunately, therefore, all future invoices will include a 5% insurance surcharge.

Foreign patients without danish social security number will have to pay for examination and treatment. Cash or payment with Dankort are optional (no other credit cards are accepted).

Iban: DK6750120001166917

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